There are varied names of steroids that one can find and Winstrol is an anabolic steroid that is used to obtain muscles that are free of ungainly fat deposits. There are different cycles that one goes through and they use different types of steroids during these cycles. The Winstrol is used in the cutting cycles for losing the extra fat and water from the body. The Winstrol is a compound that is a type of Dihydrotestosterone and so it helps with loss of weight of the body. Most people consider this an integral part of the cutting cycle and are a must if you want to lose fat from your body.

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Few side effects

The person who gets a hard look is the one who is using this Stanozolol nebo Winstrol Vor Winstrol to gain that pleasing results for his body. The dry look and the slim shape of the body show off that the person is using Winstrol. The compound Stannozolol is a near cousin of testosterone and is the most androgenic hormone that is introduced to the body.  You may find a little loss of the hair as side effect of using this cutting compound. You will find this an alkylated compound that must be taken orally and this causes dryness around all the joints too.

Lean muscles and strength

Find this magic compound Stanozolol – which is also called Winstrol V, to bring about the desired changes within your body. You should continue with the proper diet and regular body building regime for achieving the right kind of results. The main benefit of using Wintrol 50 is that it cuts the fat and keeps the muscles dry and lean. They give maximum strength to your muscles and enhance vascularity for the body that is mostly devoid of fat.  The body uses up the tissues that contain fat cells and thus decreases the fat level of the body.

Doses and time span for men

You can go for 50mg per day of Stanozolol if you are interested in body building and therefore can take this compound orally or through injection. The dose should not be more than 100mg per day. The injectable Stanozolol is active for about 45 – 48 hours and the oral form of the compound has a life of 8 – 9 hours only. This shows that taking it in injectable form is a better choice. The compound is also not capable to estrogen and so you do not need to take anti-estrogen with this compound.  This adds to the strength of the muscles and also adds more muscles to your body.

Women take lower dose

When you are giving the dose for women, you must not take an extreme dose for bringing about results but just take the normal dose. The quantity should be about 10mg for a day and the time span should not go above 4 weeks. The women also prefer tablets or drops of Stanozolol nebo Winstrol V over injections. These anabolic compounds bring about the development of male physical features for women. This is the reason why females are asked to use low doses of Stanozolol and avoid such issues. Dosing of Winstrol is something that serious and if you find any difficulties, you must understand the body is not ready for the dose. You should lower the dose and get the benefits to remain healthy and safe.