Pokemon Go Brings Trading, Friends, and Gifts

Nearly two years since its launch, Pokemon Go is set to bring trading into the fold, which will arrive as part of the mobile game’s big summer update. Trading has been a heavily-requested feature since Pokemon Go launched in 2016, and Niantic is finally giving fans what they want.

Trading in Pokemon Go is being made possible thanks to a new friends feature – it starts rolling out later this week – which allows you to see what they’ve been up to and compete alongside them. To add a friend, you’ll need their trainer code. If they accept your friend request, they’ll be added to your friend list, which is currently capped at 200.

Once you’ve some friends, you can work to increase your friendship level by trading Pokemon with them, participating in gym or raid battles, or sending them gifts, which is another new feature coming with the update.

Gifts can be found at Pokestops, and they contain a bunch of items – 7km eggs that hatch Alonlan Pokemon being a possible surprise – along with a postcard mentioning where you picked up said gift.

As your friendship level increases, you’ll unlock bonuses when you take part in gym or raid battles. The only catch is that increases in friendship levels are capped to one per day per friend.

That brings us to the biggest feature of the update: trading. To facilitate it, you’ll have to be physically near a friend (whose trainer level is 10 or higher). Once you exchange a Pokemon with a friend, you’ll earn bonus candy for the Pokemon you sent, whose amount depends on how far the two Pokemon were caught.

Trading in Pokemon Go requires the in-game currency, Stardust. The amount of Stardust needed will depend on the particular trade, and your friendship level with whom you’re trading.

Lastly, some Pokemon – Legendary, Shiny, or those not in your Pokedex – will require a ‘Special Trade’. These can only be done once per day with friends of high friendship level, known in-game as Great or Best Friend.