Jamia Milia University Building pictures . The university has imposed a curfew at 9pm for female students residing in the hostels.

The new application form for getting a berth at the women’s hostels at Jamia Millia Islamia University — released on Wednesday — asks students to take an undertaking ensuring that they won’t indulge in protests and signature campaigns against hostel timings and rules.

The clause in the form states, “I will not indulge in any protest or signature campaign against hotel rules, Regulations or timing. I accept them freely and fully. If I fail to abide by these my accommodation in the hostel can be cancelled immediately.”

The varsity has also imposed a curfew at 9pm for female students residing in the hostels despite extending it to 10.30 pm following massive protests by students earlier this year.

In March, students from the Hall of Girls’ Residence had held a protest demanding that hostel curfew timings be extended to 10.30 pm. The students said officials had agreed to their demand.

“In March, only about 5-10% of the residents of the hostel insisted on increasing the curfew timings to 10.30 pm. The protest was happening around midnight and we had no other way but to agree with them. However, we had told the students that only the university VC can approve the decision,” said an official.

A university spokesperson said the curfew timings are similar to what other women hostels have in different universities in the city. “Many parents were not comfortable with late curfew. They had concerns about safety of their daughters,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also said that the clause about not participating in protest against hostel timings was put in because protests disrupt normal functioning of the hostel.