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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Getting a high school diploma in Kentucky might soon become a little more difficult.

The Kentucky Board of Education is scheduled to vote Wednesday on new minimum high school graduation requirements.

Kentucky Interim Commissioner of Education Wayne Lewis said the change is needed to improve student performance across the state.

“This is a tough conversation,” Lewis said. “This is a really big shift that we’re talking about making with high school graduation, but we simply cannot continue to hand kids high school diplomas that are no more than certificates of attendance.”

Lewis said he’s excited for the board to consider changes to the minimum requirements for high school graduation, primarily a proposed demonstration of college or career readiness, which would kick in for students starting high school in fall 2019, and passing new math and reading exams, which would become a requirement for students entering 9th grade in 2020.

“We have to have a measure,” Lewis said. “We have to have a measure. With that said, I’m comfortable with proposing such a measure.”

Lewis said students would have several opportunities to appeal a failed test, that could prevent them from graduating.