'I Found Brown Clumps': Woman Says Restaurant Employee Put Mud In Her Sandwich

A picture shared by Yesenia Sanchez on Facebook.

A woman from Baytown, Texas, says that an employee of fast food restaurant chain Whataburger put a clump of mud in her sandwich. Yesenia Sanchez posted about her gross discovery on Facebook on Sunday. “I ordered through the drive thru got home to find MUD in my sandwich,” she wrote in the post that has been widely shared online

She wrote that she asked for them to switch the kind of bread was used on her meal. However, after taking a bite of the sandwich and finding mud inside, she assumes it must have been “too much to ask.”

“I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. I felt it and it looked like mud,” she said in an interview to¬†Chronicle.

Ms Sanchez says that she called up the restaurant was told to return. At the Whataburger, she claims she spoke with another manager who assured her the “lettuce is supposed to be 100% clean” and acted as though it was placed in her sandwich on purpose.